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Halloween at Praxis 2017

One, two, one, two, one, two…, hang on a minute. I’m doing some exercise to prepare for next year’s Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Praxis. One, two, one, two, one, two, there, I’m done! After watching the second annual Halloween Scavenger Hunt at Praxis, the one thing I’ve learned is you have to run a lot!


If you don’t know what our Halloween scavenger hunt is, it works like this. Every year at Halloween, teachers and their students dress up in scary (and not so scary) costumes and look for secret clues hidden in any one of Praxis’ three branches. I can tell you, there is nothing quite like looking at a bunch of ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and oddly enough, some silly looking smiley emojis, running around the streets outside of Praxis in search of the hidden clues. They definitely stopped traffic!


We at Praxis take Halloween very seriously. Teachers and students spend weeks preparing for the big day. They decorate the rooms, doors, and anything else they can find. Even our beloved director, Mr. P gets in on the action. You can’t miss him. This year, he was dressed as Fred Flintstone, and I have to say, if they ever make another movie about the Flintstones, he should get the lead role. He looked exactly like our friend Fred.


The whole day is a lot of fun. Everyone gets in the Halloween spirit. The funniest part of the day is watching the teachers run as fast as they can from house to house. I think teachers Sergio, Gerson, and Manuel should probably start exercising with me to be ready for next year. Why were you so tired after only a couple of clues?


Yes, teachers run like it was the Olympics. Some of them sprint and jump like Usain Bolt. Now, if we could only get them to run that way to class, maybe they wouldn’t be late all the time!


Tom Nolan

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