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Praxis Celebrates World Festivals

 Praxis Celebrates World Festivals

Man, I’m tired! I just travelled around the world in less than 2 hours. Today, Praxis celebrated different festivals from all over the globe. The celebration was led by Cesar’s and Gerson’s cycle 6 groups. Thank you very much for doing a great job!


By taking a just a few steps, I went from New Orleans to Venice to England to China, and many other places. I got to see a Viking ritual where they burn a boat and a Hindu celebration of life where they covered themselves with different colors to symbolize that every human equal value (a very powerful message). We also visited different seasons from music festivals in the middle of summer like Glastonbury to amazing cities of ice filled with lights in the middle of winter in Harbin.


Perhaps the most interesting thing was how diverse each presentation was. Some of the most famous festivals in the world were displayed, like Mardi Gras, the very old Carnival of Venice, and Chinese New Year (where I learned my symbol was the snake), but there were several interesting ones that I didn’t know about, such as, the Burning Man with hippies in California and the Helly Aa festival with real Vikings. The Tomorrowland Music Festival looked really cool, and if you look closely at one of the photos, I think you can see Mr. P dancing.


Something that stuck in my mind is how big and different the world is. The number of ways people around the world celebrate is almost infinite. Different cultures are creative and do things very differently, but they all find ways to celebrate and have fun. I’m looking forward to the next time we celebrate even more festivals. The only problem is I ate too much food, and now I don’t want to eat my lunch!


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