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St Patrick’s Day at Praxis

 Last Friday Praxis’s community had the chance to celebrate an Irish custom.

People at Praxis, dressed in green, learnt about St Patrick’s Day celebration. Our academic director visited them and he asked them some questions and for each good answer everybody got some coins – delicious chocolate coins.

Some of our students found some interesting information about this celebration and they made incredible posters. So, we want to share them with you.

  • Teacher Misael’s Group did a great job using the Irish’s flag colors to present the information about the celebration and the relationship between the shamrock and St Patrick’s Day.
  • Teacher Natalia’s Group explained to us the reason why the green color is important for Irish people and for this celebration.
  • Teacher Manuel’s Group designed a trivia quiz. 10 questions related to Saint Patrick and his life, were displayed along with 10 answers but these answers were placed randomly. So, everyone who read the poster had to find the correct answer to each question.
  • Teacher Gerson’s Group wished every reader good luck with a famous Irish blessing.

Don’t miss our gallery showing the posters and how green we were on the past 17th of March.

- Praxis Correspondent.



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