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What do you call this? What is it for?


Everybody uses it but does anyone know how to use it?

During recent years, social media has been part of human interaction, but in more recent times it has massively expanded due to the spread of technology and social networks; which allows unlimited access to everyone’s opinions at any time at any moment.

Along with the expansion of social networks, acceptance and spreading of a new type of online interaction has emerged; The so called “hashtags”, a keyword and/or numerical characters preceded by the hash mark (#) with the intention of categorizing topics or opinions under a topical word or phrase.

Hashtags help to develop “trends” or “hot topics” through which users can easily find word-related content and start a chain reaction of threats, opinions and comments.

The more popular the hashtag is; the more people are using it. Political campaigns, social movements and even businesses have created and used their own hashtags to gain users’ attraction.

Twitter claims to be the first online site to use hashtags, but now they are broadly used in all types of networks.

Instagram for instance not only uses hashtags but also images and videos to engage its users in a more graphic and appealing way.

So, why not to take advantage of these e-tools and start using them as a way of enhance your own vocabulary repertoire, take the risk, create, write, send, and make it viral.


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Praxis English

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